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Let me introduce you to my first book of adult fiction.

Chasing the Beatles

For Grown-up Girls Who Remember

Come back with me to 1964 when the Beatles first conquered America. Meet Annie Street and her cousin Bridget O’Malley. Join them in their endless plans and  schemes to find tickets to the Beatles sold out concert at the Hollywood Bowl.

They fight parents, nuns, boys, institutions, and more, only to find themselves met by unforeseen events, challenges, and emotions.

You’ll remember the days when music meant more than anything, and the wonderful, confusing future lay before you. I think you may see yourself in the determined, sweet, indefatigable girls who want nothing more than to experience the transcendence of music with their heroes, the Beatles. This is a story for the Boomer Generation. Reconnect with your inner fifteen-year-old, and remember those more innocent times, and the power and magic of music.    

Chasing the Beatles is available in paperback or Kindle on amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and Indiebound.

Please address all inquiries regarding this book directly to me at randibar@earthlink.net




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